Benefits of In-Home Speech Language Therapy

private in home speech therapy

In-Home Speech Solutions is a therapist owned and operated company based in Prairie Village that specializes in providing individualized in-home speech-language therapy to children ages 3 through 18. Jennifer Price, owner and lead therapist, spent over a decade working within the public school system and knows the system and its shortcomings from the inside.  After experiencing firsthand the challenges of providing quality speech therapy within the school setting, Jennifer realized the only way to truly provide the therapy needed to consistently move children forward is in the child’s most comfortable and natural setting.  After thinking about the best way to positively impact the community and to address the real speech-language needs of local children, Jennifer decided to open a private practice. That practice, In-Home Speech Solutions, was built on one simple belief: the best place for children to receive speech-language therapy is in their own home.

There are several benefits of in-home speech-language therapy. These benefits include but are not limited to:

Ability to Include Family
We like to include family during therapy sessions as much as possible. This is an integral aspect of in-home therapy since family members are often your child’s main communication partners.  There is no better way to practice the skills your child is working on than with his or her main communication partners within a natural setting. Inclusion of family members also allows for family members to learn how to best facilitate speech and language development in your child’s day-to-day lives.

Build Confidence
Having therapy in a place where your child is already comfortable can give your child more confidence.  Since therapy takes place in a natural environment, children often are more willing to try new strategies and techniques to help improve speech and language abilities.

Real Life Words Practice
When working with your child in your home it allows us to target vocabulary and language that is necessary for daily communication. This gives us the opportunity to incorporate speech and language into real life situations using familiar objects and settings.

Less Restrictive & Truly Individualized Custom Therapy
Therapy sessions in the home mean that we do not have to play by the rules of a school district or clinic. Such rules are often counterproductive to a child’s development. Instead, we can focus on the immediate needs of the child and help them to be a more functional communicator right here and now.  Our focus is providing individualized speech-language therapy based on the specific needs of your child. In-home therapy can supplement any care your child is receiving at school, can fit in with any IEP, and will maximize your child’s speech and language skills.

Generalization & Carryover
In-home therapy often allows for the greatest therapeutic gains and generalization, as it’s taking place in your child’s natural environment. When family members are active participants in the therapy session, they will be able to carry over what we work on in other settings, which promotes generalization and healthy speech development.


Busy schedules and routines can make it difficult to find time for proper speech-language therapy. If we come to you that eliminates driving time and juggling your families’ busy schedule. 

In conclusion, there are significant benefits to conducting therapy in the setting most comfortable for your child.  At In-Home Speech Solutions we believe that in-home speech-language therapy leads to exceptional outcomes for both you and your child.

If you are looking for experienced, professional and reliable in-home speech-language therapy, In-Home Speech Solutions can help. Contact us today at (913) 735-5312 or for a free consultation to discuss your child’s needs and evaluate different treatment options. Learn more about In-Home Speech Solutions by visiting our website at  

Jennifer Price M.S., CCC-SLP Lead Speech-Language Pathologist & Owner