Custom pediatric in-home speech-language therapy in Kansas City .

“Thank you so much for all your kindness and dedication to making life better for our daughter.”

Theresa (Parent of 6 year old)


In-Home Speech Solutions loves working with families in their home and seeing the amazing progress the children make. Here’s what some of those families have said about In-Home Speech Solutions: 

Our son has struggled with his articulation since he started speaking. As a result, he developed some insecurities that caused him to gravitate to the periphery: of classrooms, of teams, of playgroups, etc. He tried not to be noticed. As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to observe your child shrinking to avoid having to verbally communicate with other people. After reading about the benefits of speech therapy at home, we sought out Jennifer Price. Our son was 4+ when he began speech therapy. Within weeks, we noticed our son acting at school the way we saw him at home. “Miss Jenny” (as my children affectionately named her) was a teacher who understood him and believed in him, and this shifted something in him. He began to try communicating with his classmates, and he quit asking us to translate for him and would, instead, take risks. We could observe him thinking through sounds, and he spoke freely and candidly for the first time. He’s still working and growing, but he feels anchored by a confidence he’d not yet experienced, and that has been a game-changer for our son. Miss Jenny is kind, patient, and compassionate, but she’s also professional and reliable and research-based. We enthusiastically recommend her!
— Jessica (Parent of 4 year old)

Jennifer has been instrumental in helping to build my daughter’s confidence and improve her speech over the last few months. My 5-year-old daughter was struggling with certain sounds, making it hard to understand her sometimes. Jennifer put her at ease immediately on day 1, bringing games and other items that got my daughter interested and excited about speech therapy within minutes. Her speech has improved immensely and she still looks forward to practicing her words as she’s had so much success. We couldn’t be more thankful to Jennifer for her help!
— Jordan (Parent of 5 year old)

Jennifer was the Perfect match for us! Not only did my daughter look forward to her sessions every week, so did I! I loved how Jen really took her time and paid attention to detail all the while encouraging her self-esteem and empowering her well-being. Today my daughter is more confident in her speech because of Jennifer’s help. Thank you so much!
— Michelle (Parent of 9 year old)

Jenny helped my son with his speech and language in 2017 and she did a wonderful job! She performed a speech-language evaluation for my son to identify his language strengths and weaknesses. She then planned therapy to address his areas of need. She was successful in helping my son improve his expressive language, writing, and reading comprehension skills. My son really enjoyed therapy and had a wonderful learning experience with her. With Jenny’s help, he made some progress after several months on the school’s literature test. Jenny was professional, displayed patience, and has passion in working with kids! I would recommend any parent to contact her to help their child with their language needs.
— Ming (Parent of 9 year old)

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. You have been so patient and optimistic with our twin daughters. Both girls have come a long way this year. They love speech-language therapy and feel confident and nurtured. Thank you for helping them find their voices.
— Alissa (Parent of 7 year old twins)

Thank you so much for all your kindness and dedication to making life better for our daughter. You have made such a positive impact on our daughter’s life.
— Theresa (Parent of 6 year old)

Thank you for being so devoted to our daughter and for helping her find her voice. You are obviously a compassionate and caring therapist, and we appreciate your hard work.
— Allison (Parent of 8 year old)